Group Volunteer Programs | South Africa

These short term volunteer programs are designed for student, religious, community, college and special interest groups. Taking place over a two week time-frame, each program delivers immediate, measurable change.

Students Teaching Abroad in South Africa

Students Teaching Abroad Progam

This program is designed for groups of students and young professionals looking to gain experience and develop teaching and classroom management skills. Teach in rural African school classrooms daily and support the Wild Coast Schools Education Program aims while growing professional skills in challenging classroom environments.

Volunteer building classrooms and jungle gyms in rural Africa

Ubuntu Building Project

Work with the local Chintsa community to uplift school classrooms and facilities, maintain sports grounds, build jungle gyms and develop public areas.

Volunteer coaching sports in Africa

Sports Development Program

Sports coaching and training is not a focal area in rural South African schools. Join VA32 in delivering essential sports training and coaching in these schools promoting a healthly lifestyle, physical and mental fitness, developing team skills and individual passion for sports.

Get vital hands-on experience on our pre-vet program in africa

Pre-vet Program

Work to improve the state of animal welfare in South African rural townships; work hands-on with abused and neglected domestic animals and gain valuable experience in the handling of agricultural livestock.